Reg ID Hash Handle/Name Hash Kennel/Home Paid
4Late CommerÅrhus H3Yes
5Massive AttackÅrhus H3Yes
8ChiquitaÅrhus H3Canceled
9Crash Test DummieÅrhus H3Canceled
10ChiliÅrhus H3Canceled
40Double Dutch MountainThe Hague H3Yes
41Ban the CockThe Hague H3Yes
25Babba dickTaipei H3 / Berlin H3Canceled
26GoldilocksSembach H3Yes
50Body of DesirePanama RepublicYes
29Just TaniaMunich H3Yes
28Chillbox Munich H3Yes
30Queen of shotsHannover H3Yes
34Father BrownHannover H3Yes
31CoghHannover H3Yes
35Hippoty HoppHannover H3Yes
49Colour of the EggsHannoverYes
21KnickerlessHamburg VIP H3Canceled
54BoozeHamburg H7Yes
55Squashed FlatHamburg H7Yes
52Just FredH3 BerlinCanceled
58Dutch OvenFrankfurt H3Yes
44Slippy noStockings Frankfurt H3Yes
43NiceboyFrankfurt H3No
42Weenie BikiniFrankfurt H3Yes
32Yoga PornDIVA H3Yes
53Wee WeeCH3 berlinYes
38GoldfingerCambridge H3Yes
39SlapheadCambridge H3Yes
23Cuming SlowlyBMPH3Yes
46Cock TeacherBH3Yes
45Dirty BertiBH3Yes
57MopedophileBerlin H3Yes
47Semen on the PewBerlin H3Yes
1Silent PBerlin H3Yes
37Piss OutBerlin H3Yes
36SixtynanusBerlin H3Yes
7Anal WeissBerlin H3Canceled
6Hot ClimaxBerlin H3Yes
11Ich Been LaidenBerlin H3Yes
12Pony’s in my buttBerlin H3Yes
13Short Fat and BlackBerlin H3Yes
14SymphomaniacBerlin H3Yes
15Full of SpunkBerlin H3Yes
2Kiss me KindlBerlin H3Yes
16Mango SuckerBerlin H3Canceled
17Callgirl Berlin H3Canceled
18F1Berlin H3Canceled
19F7Berlin H3Canceled
20Get MidgionaryBerlin H3Canceled
24SperminatorBerlin H3Canceled
27Helmet Ze KuntBerlin H3Yes
3Hand in HorseBerlin H3Yes
59Just GeoBerlin BH3Yes
51Touched by Boobies Berlin Yes
56Reamer Screamer Berlin Yes
33Likk'mmB.I.T.CH H3 Yes
22Standing OvationAbsolut Stockholm H 3Yes